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Swimwear & Triathlonwear Products

As triathlon coaches, we have done our fair share of triathlons over the years and worn many different types of trisuits. Not all have been particularly stylish or colourful but were bought as a means to an end to be able to compete. 


Recently the women's triathlon scene has really taken off with new participants in all distances. Nowadays it's no longer seen as a sport that only the super fit participate in. Women are embracing multisport in all its versions: crosstri, quadrathons and adventure racing to name a few. If you are interested in multisport, don't hold back, just get involved. Furthermore, 'making-do' with any old kit is fine initially but when honing your skills women want to feel empowered and so our competition-winning 'New Dawn' Tri-suit will make you streamlined as well as looking and feeling fabulous knowing you are part of squad 'Pretty Gritty'.