This colourful, technical t-shirt is perfect for training in. It's female specific so less boxey than a your average mens t-shirt and wicks away sweat with its technical fabric. The top half is bright teal, the bottom section is deep purply-navy with pink and white bands spliting the two sections.  


Our triathlon coaching insignia 'Eos, the Goddess of the Dawn, of New Beginnings and Adventure' is on the sleeve. This is a nod to all women starting afresh or trying something new and out of their comfort zone. Eos was worshiped with crocus flowers, a hardy and beautiful flower that flourishes and forges forward even in inhospitable environments.  Our crocus symbol is placed on the rear of the t-shirt.


Who wouldn't want a cheerful looking PG t-shirt to train in?



PG Technical Running T-Shirt

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Color: bright teal
  • Colourful technical t-shirt, female specific shape, wicks away sweat with its technical fabric. 100% polyester.