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'Pursuit' Bib Shorts

'Pursuit' Bib Shorts

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Please measure your best fitting shorts to find the best fit for you.


Our Bibs

There is nothing like a lovely pair of well fitting bib shorts to hold everything in place for a long ride. Once you've worn bibs, you'll never go back to a two piece. Our bright red stylish shoulder straps bearing our strapline 'Flourish and Bloom', are grippy as well as stretchy. The top quality 'Elastic Interface Paris HP' pad gives plenty of cushioning and comfort for long rides. There is absolutely no way that these shorts will ever become 'see-through' as we have incorporated a double layer to the rear panel.


The shorts bare our crocus logo 'ghosted' onto the leg as well as 'Pretty Gritty' around the leg gripper and 'Eos the Goddess of Adventure' on your back. We designed the length of the leg to be more flattering for a female. In other words, the gripper shouldn't come right down to your knees but gives good compression coverage to your hammies and quads. They are really top quality, even having a double layer on the back to prevent it going see through upon bending over the bike. We as coaches, wouldn't ride in anything less than excellent quality.


    Top shelf pro-cycling quality bib shorts. 
    The short's fabric hugs the muscles for support and reduction of fatigue. They are anatomically designed specifically for women with a high quality 'Elastic Interface' chamois*. These bibs keep you comfortable and dry with high quality italian fabric that wicks away perspiration. The  elasticated bib straps have a neat gripper to hold them in place. 

    *About Elastic interface's PARIS HP WOMEN Chamois:

    High-end product in the Elastic Interface® range, PARIS HP WOMEN is just perfect for long-distance rides both on and off road. Its high-density inserts in the perineal and ischiatic area give the right protection to the cyclist that spends long hours on saddle. PARIS HP WOMEN was designed according to anthropometrical measurements and it guarantees adequate support to female anatomy during the activity. The “pelvic tract” area was also tested and engineered to support the rotation of the pelvic bone while pedaling. The press lines in the underneath portion of the chamois and the multidirectional curvature provide a smooth surface and gradual areas of transition, improving saddle stability and fit. The perforations on the surface of PARIS HP WOMEN allow for higher air permeability, resulting in lower skin temperature and reduced moisture. The ECO Carbonium Flash top fabric combines a special channel structure with the natural antistatic and bacteriostatic properties of the Carbonium thread. With the channel structure, the extremely soft and recycled polyamide helps collect, canalize and expel moisture. Rapid-drying and eco-friendly.

    1.Machine wash at 30°C ideally in a garment bag, or handwash;
    2.Do not wash with velcro items (eg.gloves)
    3.Wash dark and bright colors separately;
    4.Do not dry clean / Do not tumble dry - hang dry / Do not iron.

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    Please see our shipping policy on our initial shop page.


    Living in Yorkshire it's not hard to love being out on the bike: the freedom, the scenery and let's not forget the coffee and cake in the village tea shops. But when riding with girlfriends we like to identify, to be part of a team, something that unites us. For years Emma and Katie spoke about having their own custom kit. To be different, it meant going against the Velominati 'Rule #14: Team-issue shorts should be black, with the possible exception of side-panels, which may match the rest of the team kit'. Hmmm, thanks keepers of the Velominati, but rules are made for braking and us PG women are definitely up for breaking them, Hence, our debut navy blue with gold accent kit. The 'Pursuit' collection looks chic and tasteful. It's high spec and everyone knows you are from squad 'Pretty Gritty' when they read the gold name on your back (.......maybe as you pass them!)

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