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Runwear Products

Cyclewear Apparel

*Pretty Gritty are currently trialling a pre-order system for the first items of our cycle kit*

A 30% initial payment secures your order. 

The window for ordering cycle kit will be closed on April 31st 2021. 

All orders made on or before this date will be sent to our kit manufacturer. We are eager to have the kit for summer months so we are trying not to delay.


We have ordered several test items from our supplier and are confident that we can receive the consignment within 4-5 weeks of us placing our order.

(Expected date of arrival is 1st/2nd week in May)


A comprehensive size guide is here as well as in the photo section of the garment.

We have found the best way to get the perfect size is to take a piece of cycle clothing that fits you well and measure it with the corresponding measurements on our size chart. Please order the size that corresponds best, rather than assuming your size based on a dress sizing label. For anyone local, we have some sizes that you can try on. Just ask and we will plan to get around as many of you as possible within the two week window.

We request that you pay 30% upfront  and the rest of the balance will be invoiced once we have received the order and we are ready to post it out to you.

We will be ordering extras in case there is a need for an exchange. However, we cannot guarantee that we will have everyone’s size so please try your best to measure correctly as we don’t want people to miss out. 

If kit still doesn’t feel right, return it to us, we will return your payment and you would need to wait for the next order window should we not have the size you require. (See return's policy here regarding the condition of the returned item).